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Wealth Reflections: Lessons Learned from Stephen Moore, Jr., CPA, ChFC®, PFS

Wealth Reflections: Lessons Learned from Stephen Moore, Jr., CPA, ChFC®, PFS

March 20, 2024

After 50 years in financial services, our own Stephen Moore has decided to retire after a successful and memorable career as a CPA and financial advisor. Over the years, Stephen worked as a CPA and CFO, earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, and joined Kore Financial Group as a financial advisor in 2012.

Stephen's mark on Kore Financial Group and us as advisors cannot be overstated. As a tribute and “see you later” (not goodbye), we wanted to share his impact on us as we’ve worked alongside him.

Stephen is faith-driven, patient, kind, and committed to volunteering in his community. I have enjoyed working with him over the years.

Stephen taught me a lot about handling challenges and difficult situations, which often arise in the financial world. I watched Stephen approach these situations with calmness and professionalism, and it has helped me navigate similar situations with clients.

Speaking of challenges, Stephen has an attitude that “this too shall pass.” This saying is relevant, especially in our profession, which deals with both people and current events. It can feel as though the circumstances, good or bad, will be that way forever. Remembering that this, too, shall pass is a good way to remain present, grateful, and optimistic about what is to come.

When asked to describe Stephen, I would say he is kind, honest, and genuine.

The most valuable lesson I learned from Stephen regarding advising is that relationships are the key to success for us and our clients. Advisors who create meaningful relationships with their clients are the ones who can best keep the client on the right path.

I also learned that preparation is key. You must prepare clients for what can happen with investing over time. By being upfront and transparent with them from the beginning, the client is already prepared when challenges inevitably arise, and you can remind them that they are still on track.

Stephen and I worked together closely during my time with Kore Financial Group, and he has been a mentor to me for seven years now.

Since the beginning, we have made it a point to visit every morning. These morning discussions have been wide-ranging and covered almost every topic imaginable, from the serious to the hilarious. I'm incredibly grateful for the perspectives and wisdom I’ve gained from years of these conversations, and this is probably what I will miss the most.

Regarding my approach to advising, the most valuable skill I’ve learned from Stephen is to genuinely care for the people we work with and focus on the things we can control regarding investing. We won’t be able to predict everything, or anything, for that matter. Still, if we focus on the individual and their financial well-being, trust the process while using history as our guide, and invest in great companies, things will work out just fine.

We will miss you, Stephen! Thank you for all you taught us and for being our colleague and friend. We wish you the best in retirement and hope you enjoy extra time with family, volunteering at your church, and fishing!